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How to Market Your Web Business Locally
Copyright 2002 Herman Drost 

Since you may spend most of your time on the Net with your
business, you may overlook the significance of finding highly
targeted customers in your local area. Why should you bother?
Isn’t it easier to just do all the marketing from your computer without
getting your hands dirty? 

Well, let me share with you some of the reasons why you should
try this method: 

1. Highly Qualified 
Chances are, that you live in a small town
in a big city, where you may run into the same people
throughout the year. It may be at the local bookstore, church,
coffee shop or supermarket. Many folks are always starting up
new businesses, looking for a new one or searching for some
residual income. 

2. Easily Accessible 
They live in the same neighborhood, so you
can easily meet them, build great friendships and share your
ideas about your business. Networking with others is one of the
key factors to a successful business. I find this especially
true, when I need help in an area of business I have limited
knowledge in. If you are the sole proprietor of your business,
networking is a must in order to survive and prosper. 

3. Builds Your Reputation 
Fast If you provide a good product
or service, are a person who can be trusted and get
recommendations from satisfied customers, you can begin to build
a strong reputation in your local area as THE person to do
business with. After being on the Net for several years, I find
word of mouth still gets me the most customers. This saves a lot
on advertising costs. 

How to Find Your Local Customers 

1. Get a list of new businesses – these are people who are generally
more open to new ideas and services than established businesses. 
You can get lists of new businesses from infoUSA.com. 

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2. Join local organizations - one of the most active business
organizations is the Chamber of Commerce. Joining them (for a
small yearly fee) helps you to network with others in your town
those also own businesses. Often they refer work to each other.
They also hold meetings, do fundraisers and hold fairs, where
you can introduce your business to the public. 

I often get business from my local church – a great place to
make strong eternal friendships. There may also be interest
clubs in your area of expertise. You can also start up your own
interest club on Internet Marketing, Nettrepreneuers etc.
Holding small meetings, giving presentations, inviting guest
speakers, will all contribute to the building of your club or

3. Local bookstores - go to your large bookstore in town
and search for publications related to your field of interest.
While there, you may run into others that are reading the same
magazines or books. Strike up a conversation with them. These
are definitely highly qualified customers. While there you can
also research your targeted publications. 

4. Ads in local publications - your local newspapers and
magazines provide readership to possibly millions in your area.
By placing a small inexpensive ad in a highly targeted area of
the paper, you will get many leads. 

The yellow pages are a more expensive way to go. I still go
there immediately when I need something quickly, like a plumber
or electrician. I find it still faster than researching the Web.
A well-placed ad can produce many local clients for your
business, throughout the year. 

5. Press Releases - sending a Press Release to your local
newspapers may have more of a chance in getting published, than
one which is sent around the Web. This is because local papers
are always looking for human interest stories and events.
Therefore, focus your release on how your business will benefit
the community, to make it stand out from the others. 

Get a free interactive press release builder at CanadaOne

6. Postcards - send out 10 postcards each week to a highly
targeted list in your area. You can get a list of businesses
from the yellow pages or Chamber of Commerce. Postcards only
cost 23c in the USA to mail. Write a few strong benefits on the
card and a contact number and return address. The beauty of this
method is that it is low cost and people can see your offer
immediately without having to open an envelope. 

7. Web Decals - get your web site address in front of everyone by
placing a web decal on your car. I always read bumper stickers,
especially when stuck in traffic behind someone. Park in the
most visible location when shopping. Try to make your message
very attractive or humorous – it’s great free advertising. 

8. Business Cards - always carry around your business cards.
Introduce yourself at parties, meetings, and organizations or
while standing in line at the store (if you aren’t shy). You are
always running into people everywhere, so keep those cards
handy. You can get 250 FREE full color business cards from
Vistaprint.com (a good place for post cards also). 

Tip – use your ad as the first step in contacting your
customers. It often takes several steps to win their trust and
make the sale. Place the most prominent benefit(s) of your
business in the ad with a web site address and telephone number.
Following up on these leads is better than trying to make the
sale with one a one shot ad, where you try to make the sale
immediately (thereby losing your customer forever). 

Incorporate local marketing for your business in the next few
months of this year. Add it to your marketing arsenal, together
with Internet Marketing. You may be pleasantly surprised if you
do better. If not, you still benefit by building new
Herman Drost is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of iSiteBuild.com 
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