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7 Proactive Strategies For You To Use When Sales Are Down
Copyright 2002 Herman Drost 

Have you been unable to focus on marketing your business, since the terrorist attacks? Have sales been down for the past few weeks.

What can you do? 
Well, you can't just sit on your behind and just hope that things will magically change and money will come rolling in.

It's time to take the proactive approach, focus on what you are doing with your time and plan it out.

1. Create a marketing plan for this week - you don't have to take days or weeks to create one - just take the next ten minutes and create a list of 7 strategies you can use to promote your business in the next few weeks.

2. Take one strategy and DO it this week - the important thing is to take one different strategy each week and DO it.

3. Track your results, to see what works the best.

4. Evaluate your results - after one month you will have a good idea what is the best method. You can then put more time and money into this successful strategy - you will then feel great that you have made progress and are achieving your goals.

Here are 7 proactive strategies you can do each week to navigate your way to success. It only took 10 minutes to write them down.

1. Write an article for publication. Submit it to article announcement lists, ezine publishers.

2. Add the article as a new page to your web site. Optimize the page for submission to search engines. Submit the page to the major search engines.

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3. Write up a new ad. Buy space in a couple of ezines for submission of the ad. Track these ads, to see which one works the best.

4. Design a new theme based web site for one of your affiliate products or services. Optimize the site for search engines and submit to them by hand.

5. Send out post cards. Create a new post card for your business. Find a targeted list of 300 contacts in your local area. Send the postcards out and track the response.

6. Grow your newsletter subscriptions and response rate - research a new topic, incorporate a new service or product to offer to subscribers.

7. Contribute to online forum discussions - spend 1 hour/day on different marketing boards to offer advice. (you can leave a resource box at the bottom of each message and people will naturally contact you because of the helpful advice and information you gave).

Now take the next 10 minutes to write up your own plan of what you WILL DO for the next few weeks (you can use the above list to get your intellectual juices flowing). Keep it simple.

If you take this proactive approach to market these(or yours) ideas in the coming weeks, you will propel your business to success. 
Herman Drost is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) owner
and author of iSiteBuild.com 
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