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Increase Web Site Traffic by Writing Your Own Ezine Article
Copyright 2003 Herman Drost 

If you want to increase web site traffic without spending a
dime, then write your own ezine article. It's one of the most
effective web site promotion strategies you could use. It can
even be more effective than paid advertising. 

Not convinced? 

Well, as you read Part 1 of this article and later Part 2, you
will gain a deeper understanding of why you SHOULD be using
this method to rapidly increase web site traffic. 

The first part (Part 1) of this article will give you deeper
insights into the benefits of writing an ezine article. 

Part 2 will cover the formula and format you can use to write
your own article as well as provide valuable resources where to
publish your articles for maximum exposure. 

7 ways to benefit from writing an ezine article 

1. Reach 1000s of targeted prospects by submitting your ezine to
online publishers. Ezine publishers are constantly on the
lookout for articles with good content that will educate their

2. Free advertising - instead of paying hundreds of dollars
placing ads in some of the top ezines, your article is
published free and contains much more valuable content than a
few lines of ad space. 

This obviously aids in preselling your product or service to
your customer. 

3. Increase link popularity - you can include a link back to
your web site in the article resource box. When web
sites publish your article, you will automatically have your
link placed on their web site. 

This saves you time searching for links from other sites to
increase your link popularity in the search engines. 

4. Gain immediate high search engine ranking - convert your
article into its own web page on your web site with it's own
set of well placed keywords in the meta tags and throughout the

Upload this new web page to your server. Your web page will be
spidered within a few days or weeks (depending on search engine
spider activity) and already gain high rankings in the search 
engines resulting in an instant increase in web site traffic. 

5. Improve search engine ranking - getting your article
published by many ezine publishers, will naturally improve your
search engine rankings, because of the many links pointing back
to your own website. 

You can get a dramatic and instant rankings boost when you
link to websites that already have a high ranking in the search

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6. Be seen as an expert in your field - writing numerous
articles helps others recognize you as an expert in your
business. Include each new article in your own ezine or

People love originally written articles instead of rehashing
others articles which they may have already read in 
other ezines. 

This instills confidence and trust within your future customers
making it easier for them to do business with you. 

7. Gain references and testimonies - record the places where
your ezine article is published (especially the popular ones
with 1000s of subscribers). 

Record testimonies from those folks who give you enthusiastic
feedback from your articles. 

Use these references and testimonies in press releases about
your product or service. Include them on your web pages and
public stationary. Your credibility and trust will be greatly
enhanced in the eyes of your potential customers. 

Now that I have convinced you of the benefits of writing an
ezine article, be sure to read Part 2 of this article. I will
give you the formula, the format and the resources where to
publish your ezine article so you can drastically increase your
web site traffic. 
Herman Drost is the author of the new ebook
"101 Highly Effective Strategies to Promote Your Web Site"
a powerful guide for attracting 1000s of visitors to your web site.

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