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Article Submission - 3 Highly Effective Ways
to Submit an Article
Copyright Herman Drost

This article will discuss the most effective ways to submit
an article. Writing an article for publication is one of
the most effective ways to get a steady stream of visitors
to your web site as well as boosting link popularity and
increasing your search engine presence. If you do this
consistently, you will soon be recognized as an authority
in your field. If you want more reasons please read:

7 Top Benefits of Marketing Your Articles

3 Top Methods for Article Submission - Pros and Cons

1. Manual Submission

This is for those folks who have the time to do this
themselves or have someone else do it for them. Create a
list of article submission directories and ezine publishers
and submit to them manually every time you write an

You can receive my personal submission list by auto
responder by sending an email to:


-you have own list and can keep it constantly updated.
-you have total control. You can add new sites as you
find them and delete those that no longer exist.


-labor intensive. It takes lots of time to create the ezine
publisher lists, article directories and submit to them
individually each time you write an article.
-need to constantly add new submission sites and remove
those that disappear.

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2. Article Submission Service

Article Marketer

This service requires a fee to have your articles
submitted. You may pay per article or get a weekly,
monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription.


-saves time by having a service submit your articles to
1000s of publishers.

-allows you more time to write and submit more articles
thus increasing your web traffic -submit them anytime
from any computer that has internet access.

-schedule your article submissions ie schedule them
to be sent out while you are sleeping or space them out
automatically over several days.

-publisher lists are constantly updated.

-one touch submission. You only need to fill out the
details of your article once. The article submission
service does the rest.

-no expensive software to purchase or set-up.

-great results. With a constantly updated database that
contains 1000s of publishers you can expect to generate
a lot of traffic.

-free test trial.


-Costs money to use the service. -You don't have total
control where your site will be submitted.

3. Article Submission Software

Article Announcer

This is software you download to your computer then fill out
all the necessary forms to submit your articles. Once your
software is set-up it will distribute all the articles for


-Saves time doing it manually.
-You can choose where your article will be submitted.


-Expensive. The software mentioned above costs almost

-Database goes out of date. New submission sites
are coming online everyday and some disappear as quickly as
they appear. Therefore they have to be added or removed on
a regular basis.

-Can be unreliable. If your computer crashes or you have no
internet access you will be unable send your articles.

-Takes time. It still takes time to set up your software,
fill out all the forms for your articles and run the software
from your computer.


For several years I submitted to my own list. However now I
am too busy to submit articles manually. There are also too
many new article submission sites appearing online everyday
as well as constantly removing outdated ones. I therefore
highly recommend using the best article submission service
that currently exits on the Web.

Article Marketer

article marketer  

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