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Marketing Tips Newsletter - May 15th,  2014

Editor's Message
Top 5 Benefits Of YouTube SEO
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Top 4 YouTube Ranking Factors That Generates More Traffic, Leads and Sales
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Dear Friend,

Do you want a constant stream of free traffic?
Do you want to generate new leads?
Do you want to make sales on autopilot?

I began creating and optimizing YouTube
videos approx 1 year ago. Since then I've got into
the habit of producing at least 1 video/week.

The results are quite impressive:

1. Many of my videos have attained first page rankings on YouTube and Google
2. I get free traffic every day ..this includes views, likes, comments as well as new channel subscribers
3. I get new subscribers every day who opt-in to my free e-course
4. I generate sales from the new subscibers to my e-course.
5. The whole system above is hand's free (runs on autopilot).

If you want to learn how to get the same results for your own
business subscribe to my YouTube Video Training Course

Warm Regards,
Herman Drost
Web Design, Hosting, SEO

1) Top 5 Benefits Of YouTube SEO
by Herman Drost

Did you know that YouTube videos are 53 times easier to
rank than web pages?

Did you know that YouTube out performs Bing and Yahoo
for daily searches?

What if you could rank YouTube videos to generate more
free traffic, leads and sales?

Since 2000 I've helped small business owners rank
their websites on Google however since Google constantly
changes their ranking factors its become more difficult to
rank web pages. I've had greater success ranking YouTube
videos. I've discovered that a properly optimized video
will rank easier and faster than an optimized web page.

Here Are the Top 5 SEO Benefits Of YouTube Videos

Watch the YouTube video at:

1. Get more traffic, leads and sales

Once a YouTube video gains first page rankings on Google
the traffic quickly increases because more eyeballs get to
view it. If you capture your viewers contact information by
redirecting them to an opt-in landing page you'll build a
large list of leads. As your list grows so will your sales.

2. Provides content that search engines love

Google includes videos and images on it's results pages. If
you create a captivating thumbnail image for your video it
will stand out from all the others results listed on the

3. Helps rank web pages

One of the main ranking factors for web pages is how long a
visitor remains on your page. Adding a video increases the
likelihood your video will be watched all the way through
instead of simply scanning the page content.

4. Build your brand

Videos engage people's senses more than boring text through
sight and sound. Video enables you to create tutorials,
conduct interviews or demonstrate how a product works.

5. Grab search engine real estate

The top listing in Google's organic search results receives
33 percent of the traffic, compared to 18 percent for the
second position. The amount of traffic degrades from there.
Results appearing on the first page of Google receive a
much higher click through rate than those listed on
subsequent pages.

Sites listed on the first Google search results page
generate 92% of all traffic from an average search. When
moving from page one to two, the traffic dropped by 95%,
and by 78% and 58% for the subsequent pages.

If you're not currently using videos to get more traffic,
leads and sales you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

Get more traffic, leads and sales by
picking my a copy of my YouTube Training Course

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Top 4 YouTube Ranking Factors That Generates More Traffic, Leads and Sales
       By Herman Drost

Did you know that if your video is ranked on the first page
of Google you'll get 92% more traffic than if it's on page
2 or subsequent pages?

More traffic means you'll generate more leads and sales if your
your marketing funnel has been optimized correctly.

So what are the Top 4 YouTube ranking factors?

1. Video Engagement

If your video does not capture the attention of your
viewers there's no use optimizing it. Tell viewers what
they're going to get in the first 10 seconds. Include
images, music, annotations and calls to action to keep
viewers engaged thoughout our video. Check YouTube
analytics to see if people are watching your videos all the
way through. If not, change the style of your videos.

2. Video Optimization

If your video is not correctly optimized it won't get high
rankings on Google and YouTube. This means less likes,
views, subscribers and sales. Include your main keyword in
the title, description and tags. Upload a transcript of
your video content.

3. Video Promotion

The more eyeballs that watch your video the more traffic,
leads and sales you'll receive. After uploading your video
make sure you share it on all your social media properties
such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Grab the
embed code so the video can play on your blog. Share it on
social bookmarking sites. Ask people to share and link to
your video while they are watching it.

4. Create a custom thumbnail image

If you want your video to stand out amongst all the other
listings on Google you need to create an image that
captures the attention of people scanning the Google's
result pages. . Create an image that includes the face of a
person as well as large text that can be read at thumbnail

If you follow these 4 major factors for ranking YouTube
videos you'll be a step ahead of of your competitors and
get more traffic, leads and sales.

Get more traffic, leads and sales by
picking my a copy of my YouTube Training Course


5). Web Site Promotion Package

Search engine optimization (SEO) and submission is an absolutely
essential marketing strategy to attract traffic to your site.
Without people visiting your web site, no sales can be

Just submitting your site will not guarantee a place in the
search engines. You must first optimize your web site for the
search engines before it is submitted.

This promotion package eliminates the need to learn all the
strategies and the great amount of time it would take, if you
would do it yourself.

Here is what you will receive in the package.

1. Search Engine Analysis, research appropriate keywords, Check
Link Popularity, Link Validation, Keyword Density

2. Recommend Changes - you make the recommended changes based on
the research above.(if you wish me to do it, I would need
access to your host to download the web page, make the changes
and republish it - extra costs involved with doing this).

3. Hand Submission to all Major Search Engines (this does not
include Paid inclusions), plus 30 or more smaller search
engines using submission software.

4. Generate a report of all submissions

5. Monitor Site Rankings

6. Suggest other strategies you can use to gain more traffic to
your site.

Side note:
Your site should be monitored on a monthly basis to
stay listed and gain higher rankings. Search engines
take several weeks (or months) for web sites to get listed.

Your site will gain a greater search engine presence,
however top rankings are not guaranteed due to the changing
nature of search engine ranking formulas and the popularity of
competing sites.

Please contact me for a free quote or review
my SEO Plans

Herman Drost 

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Thank you, 
Herman Drost 
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