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How to Syndicate Your RSS Feed
Copyright Herman Drost 

If you syndicate your RSS Feed or  advertise it,
you will get an immediate boost in traffic to
your web site by others reading and/or linking to your

There a 2 ways to do this:

a) Place an XML button at the top of your home page. This
is a little orange image that links to your RSS file. You
can see one at the top of my home page at
Get a copy of the image (right click, save picture as) and
upload it to your website. Place the image, with your xml
link, on your home page. For example, here's the line of
code I placed on my home page:

<a href=""> <img
border="0" src="rss/rss_icon.jpg" alt="rss for maryland web
design" width="36" height="14"></a>

Feel free use this code for your own site but remember to
replace the information with your own link.

b) Submit your site's RSS feed URL to various aggregators
or news readers. This will enable them to start check your
RSS feed for updates.

Here is a list of some of the most popular news

Syndic8: Aggregator

7. Update your RSS feed regularly - add new articles to
your RSS file on a regular basis. Make sure you link each
article to your site to increase your web traffic. Remember
to delete your old articles because the dates next to your
articles will adjust depending on when news aggregators
pick them up.

You only need to do this once and then syndicators tracking
your feed automatically pick up your new feed items as you
update them.


Even though RSS feeds is a relatively new way of marketing,
once you set it up it takes very little time to maintain
and provides another great way to increase the number of
visitors to your web site.

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