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Duplicate Web Content - 7 Top Reasons to
Write Unique Content

Copyright Herman Drost

Content has always been king on the Internet because search
engine spiders readily spider the text on your web pages.
However If you begin duplicating web content from other
sources, you may jeopardize your site's rankings due to
triggering the duplicate content filters employed by the
search engines. As more sites come online everyday, there
is a greater possibility of duplicate content being seen as

What is Duplicate Web Content?

Definition Duplicate content is where the content of a web
page or web site is similar or the same.

1. Duplicating content from other web pages on your site
or from other sites.
2. Creating a number of sites that all contain duplicate

Search engines want to deliver the most relevant results
for the search results. They therefore use a filter to
remove duplicate web content. If the web content is similar
or the same it is considered duplicate content and will trigger
the duplicate content filter in the search engines. This is
considered spamming by the search engines and will affect
your site's rankings.

Consider this: Do you really want to see 21 copies of the
same article when you do a search on Google that is meant
to satisfy your immediate needs? The most authoritative
sites tend to show up at the top of the search engine
results. They should, but it doesn't happen often enough
because each search engine treats duplicate web content

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7 Top Reasons to Write Unique Web Content

1. Your site will become a natural source of information
for that topic. Other sites will naturally link to yours
because you are the original source of that information

2. With other sites linking to yours you will receive a
constant stream of traffic for years to come. The more
sites that link to your web site, the more traffic you will

3. Adding unique content to your site on a regular basis,
will guarantee that your site will remain in the search
engines and will continue to improve its rankings. Your
site will stand out from other sites because it always
contains fresh and unique content.

4. You will be recognized as an authority on the subject(s)
you write about and therefore will receive more business
and sales as a result. If you have an e-commerce site you
should write unique descriptions for each item instead of
duplicating the descriptions used by your vendors.

5. Writing unique content for your newsletter or ezine will
attract and retain more subscribers than obtaining
duplicate content from other sources. This is because
subscribers are always on the look out for unique and
interesting information they have not read elsewhere on the
Net. This will also help build a personal rapport with

6. Ezine publishers are always searching for unique content
to give to their subscribers. If you send originally
written articles to them they will be more inclined to
accept them.

7. Avoid copyright violations. If you don't get permission
to use other's articles for your site you may violate the
copyright for that article. All articles on the Net are
automatically copyright protected even if the writer does
not include it. Writing your own unique web content makes
sure you avoid any copyright violations.


If you have trouble writing unique web content, then you can
rewrite other peoples' articles. Make sure you avoid
plagiarism (To use and pass off (the ideas or writings of
another) as one's own). Add 30% of your own unique content
to pages where you display duplicate content. This will
decrease the overall ratio of duplicate content compared to
the overall content of that page. It will also reduce the
risk of triggering the duplicate content filters for that


Webmaster Guidelines from Google

Tools to evaluate the degree of duplicate content

Herman Drost is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
and owner of
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