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Monetize Your Web Site with Google AdSense
© Herman Drost

Why would you want to earn a few cents or dollars per click
from displaying Google AdSense ads on your web site? Can
you really make good money from this source of revenue?
Well, multiply those clicks for every page on your web site
and you will build a monthly residual income with very
little effort.

What is Google AdSense?

Here is an excerpt taken from Google's FAQ:

"Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website
publishers of all sizes to display relevant, text-based,
unobtrusive Google AdWords™ ads on their website's content
pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what
your users are looking for on your site, you'll finally
have a way to both monetize and enhance your content

How much you earn per click depends on how much the
advertisers are willing to pay. If the keywords the
advertiser has chosen are in high demand you could receive
several dollars per click. Alternatively low demand
keywords will yield a few cents per click.

How does Google AdSense work?

1. Sign up for a new Google Adsense account.
It only takes a few minutes.

2. Once your site has been accepted (usually within one
day) you will receive a snippet of code to include on your
web pages. You can insert this code on as many pages or web
sites as you like. Google AdWords will start appearing
almost immediately.

3. You earn a few cents or a few dollars per click when
someone clicks on the Google AdWords displayed on any of
your web pages. Don't create revenue falsely by
repetitively clicking on your ads. This will result in
Google penalizing or possibly eliminating your site. You
may also lose the money you already earned.

4. Viewing your stats - you can check your AdSense earnings
anytime by logging into your web-based account. Here is
what you will see:

Impressions - how many times Google AdSense ads have been
displayed on your Web page.

Clicks - the number of times an ad is clicked.

Clickthrough rate - the percentage of times an ad is clicked,
out of the total number of impressions.

Your earnings - how much you have earned from Google so

5. Google will send you a check every 30 days when you earn
$100.00 or more. You will also receive payment at the end
of the year, regardless of your account balance.

Who is Google AdSense for?

Content-based web sites - google advertisers want their ads
on web pages that contain highly targeted keywords. This
enables the Google search engine to easily spider the site,
plus engage the visitor in the web page content. This
better prepares the visitors mind to then click on the
Google AdWords ad.

Theme-based web sites - create a web site that focuses on
highly targeted keywords. These should be keywords that are
often searched for (high demand) but don't have too many
competing web sites (low supply). For more information on
this read topic read my article
"How to begin to make money online"

How to increase your AdSense earnings

1. Choose one topic per page - write content for your topic
with a few targeted keyword phrases. Google will then serve
ads that are more relevant resulting in higher

2. Use white space around your ad - this will make your ad
stand out from the rest of your page so visitors can easily
view it. Google also provides different colors for your ad
so it will harmonize with the web page color.

3. Test out your ad placement - Google recommends using the
vertical skyscraper format that runs down the side of your
page for optimum results. Try testing both horizontal and
vertical formats over a period of time to see which format
gives you the best results.

4. Create more content-based pages - expand the theme of
your web site by creating pages that focus on your keyword
phrases. Optimize those pages for the search engines. This
will not only attract traffic to those pages but make them
more relevant for Google AdWords to be displayed.

5. Site Built It - the perfect tool for creating lots of Adsense Revenue.
Site Built It provides all the tools necessary to quickly create
keyword-rich web sites that rank high in the search
engines. This will produce a flood of traffic to your site
of highly targeted visitors.

My Personal Experience - "Since I added Google AdSense ads
to the article pages on my web site last month
(, I have earned a nice residual
income. Since this extra revenue was unexpected, I am
grateful that I took the time to implement the Google
AdSense program".

Conclusion - give Google AdSense a try by writing
keyword-focused pages based upon the interests you are
passionate about. You will not only enjoy writing about
them, but earn some extra cash as well.


Google AdSense FAQ

Site Built It
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